A great weekend of family fun! September 7 - 9, 2018

2017 Committee

Al & Carmella Alfano, Recording/Asst. Secretary
Don Anderson & George Track, Vehicle Show
Mike Amerault, Field of Dreams Family Games
Maureen Andujar, Bike Raffle, Games and Shirts
Lewis Andujar, Windmill Green Family Games
Christy Blanda, Fundraising Chair
Carol Dobek, Scholarship Committee
Bob Donahoe, Raffle Chair
Steven Garran and Kate Krouch, Treasurers
Bev Hobbs & Denise Kopasz, Parade Co-Chairs
Christine Hughes-Prince, Craft Show Chair
Andrew Kopasz, USPS Postal Stamp
Sally Largey & Judy Welch, Scavenger Hunt
Bonnie Nuendel, Talent Show Chair
Sarah Smith, Greens Chair
Joanna Stevens, Road Race Chair
Karyn & Mark Thompson, Rebecca & Chris Allen, Sand Art Contest Co-Chairs

Sincere thanks to this incredible group of volunteers for planning this 40th Eastham Windmill Weekend.
Liz Smith, Chair

Special thanks to the Eastham Fire,
Police and Recreation Departments.